The Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme (ARRS) allows Primary Care Networks to recruit new roles to expand their care team, receiving 100% reimbursement of salary and on-cost. The aim of the scheme is to build and utilise the additional roles to solve the workforce shortage in general practice.

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We are working with North East & Yorkshire Leadership Academy to provide additional support for ARRS roles through interactive Peer Support sessions.  

We are offering short, themed, online sessions to help build a community of support for people in ARRS roles across North East and North Cumbria. They are facilitator led, interactive spaces, for people to come together, share their experiences and be heard. The aim of the sessions is to reduce any feelings of professional isolation and to create greater levels of connection, collaboration and support  

Attendees will participate in four peer support sessions, three of which will be multi-disciplinary, and will be held monthly. The fourth session will bring professional groups together, to help build a greater community of shared professional support.  

Wellbeing will be a strand running throughout all the sessions and the key focus of the sessions is:   

Starting well and keeping going 

Finding my place 

Understanding how change impacts on me 


See what some attendees have fed back below:

What are you taking away from today’s session?

“reminded me to check in with self”

“building resilience and self care is very important”

“think about checking in as a team more often”

“had the time to reflect on myself, the team and the plan for the future”

What have you liked about today’s session?

“Loved the resilience framework and how it was broken down into the different sections.
This raised awareness of the different aspects of resilience and what I might need to work on in the future.”

“Good structure and good balance of individual work and going off into groups
–this keeps you involved and interested”

“Knowing that its ok to have self care”

“Sharing ideas and being honest with our communication”

“I have enjoyed the session as it’s full of positivity and I have learnt new tools and enjoyed the conversations”

What did you learn about yourself?

“that I am not the only one feeling the way I am and it’s okay to check in with others”

“not to be negative about yourself and your role…
we are all trying our best and in this together"

“learning ways to check in with self”

“people may perceive me differently to what I think”

What are you doing differently since the last session?

“I do look after myself at work. I go for a short walk during my lunch break.”

“trying to be kinder to myself and giving myself more credit”

“talking to colleagues when I have the chance”

“more proactive with asking people about their service”

“more aware of self care”


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