Extended Integrated Training Posts (EITP/ExITP)

Extended Integrated Training Posts (EITP/ExITP)

The GP Medical Education research team at Newcastle University, led by Hugh Alberti have created the following website for people who are interested in applying for education ITPs/ ACFs/ academic FPs/ SSCs à https://blogs.ncl.ac.uk/gpmeded/

The website provides information on what they do, what life is like as an ITP, current projects and previous publications.

For information please see the How Extended ITPs work document which may be of interest to you.

We are very pleased to be able to offer a range of unique extended Integrated Training Posts across a range of interests to our trainees.

These posts are 12 months in length and are split between General Practice and a speciality. The posts will extend training by 6 months from 3 years to 3½ years Whole Time Equivalent. 

The posts give trainees the opportunity to develop interests and skills which serve as an excellent foundation post CCT either directly, e.g. by active involvement in teaching or commissioning or indirectly by using the additional generic skills you have developed, e.g. team-working in projects, developing ideas or leadership.

Please find Summaries of achievements from trainees in Ex ITP, from some of the trainees that have previously undertaken an Ex ITP post.


Further Information

How does this fit into the GP training programme?

You must have already worked in GP for at least 6 months before the starting date of the post to be eligible to apply

  • Your progress through training must be ‘satisfactory (ESR satisfactory progress, ARCP Outcome
  • This post would extend your training programme from 36 months to 42 months WTE
  • The rotations for successful applicants will be reviewed and adjusted accordingly.
  • If you have a 6-month Integrated post already on your training programme this may be withdrawn.
  • We will endeavour to leave your final attachment as 6 months Full Time GP.



  • The 12m WTE extended post runs for 24 consecutive months if LTFT.
  • For 60% The first 12m are based in speciality (education / research / commissioning etc) and the second in GP. GP trainees can arrange to work up to 1 session per week in GP in the first year and the reverse in the second year if this is felt to be of educational value and supporting learning. This needs to be discussed and agreed between trainee, trainer and speciality supervisor. Flexibility is encouraged to meet needs.
  • For 80% (or other variables) the working timetable can be agreed on a case by case basis.


If you are interested in applying for a post, this is what to do -

  • We suggest you discuss this with your Educational Supervisor, GP trainer, or TPD group leader
  • If you have any queries please contact your training programme for general issues, or the individual leads of each post for more specific information (see advert)
  • Send a completed application form (including support from your ES) to Dr Amy Micklethwaite at amy.micklethwaite@hee.nhs.uk