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Post CCT Fellowships

Information on Fellowships

The investment in primary care set out in the GP Forward View includes funding for 250 post-CCT Fellowships. These are innovative posts available for GPs in their first 5 years after qualification. In 2023/24, NHS England will fund 25 fellowships across North East and Cumbria.

PCNs, Trusts, Federations and GP Practices can apply for funding for GP roles that come under one of five broad categories of fellowship:

  • System leadership – Supporting emerging GP leaders within the local healthcare system
  • Health equity Using the fellowship programme to reduce health inequalities
  • Clinical – Helping GPs to develop a clinical special interest e.g. dermatology, frailty, palliative care
  • Academic Supporting early academic careers
  • Educational Stimulating early career GP educators through involvement with undergraduate or postgraduate education

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Available posts will be advertised once available

The deadline for applications is 28 July 2023. Please use the online form.

To obtain further details please email


Application Process for 2023/24

Post CCT Fellowships aim to offer varied and interesting roles for GPs in the first five years of their career – of benefit to them, patients and the healthcare system. Funding is made available to practices to help cover the cost of 2 sessions per week of GP time to undertake work, postgraduate learning or professional development relevant to the fellowship. A generous CPD budget is also available to the fellows.

Last year’s scheme was a success with us recruiting to posts across the region, helping to recruit and retain GPs at a time of significant workforce pressure.

In 2023/24 we have funding for up to 25 Fellowships

This year we are proposing to invite employers to apply for funding by 28th July 2023 using the online form.

The Primary Care school team will then check these bids against the eligibility criteria, and all bids approved will then be able to advertise.

We intend to allocate a minimum of four Fellowships per ICP footprint to ensure a geographical spread.

If there are more than four per ICP approved, then the first four to appoint will receive the funding.

If an ICP area has not appointed to its quota of four by 31st December, then practices in other areas will become eligible to receive funding [again on a first appointed basis]

Any queries, please contact

If a practitioner appointed to a NHS England post CCT fellowship is also eligible for the NHSE/I fellowship offer, then an employer is able to claim both sources of funding provided they release the practitioner for all the elements required.