Quality Management



The School has a dedicated Quality Management team whose role is to implement quality processes that ensure that we comply with our regulatory body the GMC and the generic standards for training included in their document "Promoting excellence: standards for medical education and training". The team members are Tammy Armstrong (Programme Support Co-ordinator), Robin Douglas (Associate Director), Justin Burdon (Primary Care Dean) and Hazel Ellis (Business Manager).

The School co-ordinates the following activities:

1. Quality management of our GP training programmes and their posts, via annual reporting and visiting.

2. Quality management of our trainers and training enviroments via approval and reapproval processes including screening applications, interviewing and visiting.

The QM Associate Director will complete the annual self-assessment report to the QM team based in the North East, by aggregating and synthesising the information in the training programme annual reports and from the central functions. This is then built into the annual report to the GMC. We are also required to provide an annual report to the RCGP.