Support for trainees


Support for our trainees is provided in two ways:

Medical referrals to occupational health are dealt with by the LET as your employer.

Educational referrals are dealt with by your programme. If you feel that you need educational support please make an appointment to see a TPD in your programme.

Our in-house education team also provide support and more details of what is available can be found here


An occupational health assessment does not advice any specific further English tuition or dyslexia support therefore HEE will not fund any further input in this area. There appears to be little dyslexia support available to adults. However we have suggested people contact ‘Dyslexia Action’ who are based in Newcastle and do provide individual tuition to adults. Email 


The LET (Lead Employer Trust)

Access essential information on your employment whilst in training

Potential Applicant

For more information on what it's like to be a GP trainee in the North East and Cumbria please click here.

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