Level 3 Trainer Course 


Level 3 Training will build on Level 1 and Level 2 and will enable Associate Trainers to become fully-fledged trainers.

Level 3 training consists of the following:


The three-day taught module will cover:

  • The ePortfolio
  • ARCP panels and overarching requirements for progression
  • Writing Educational Supervisor Reports
  • Induction
  • EWTD
  • Urgent & Unscheduled Care
  • RCA and AKT
  • Reflective account
  • Trainer support
  • Equality & Diversity
  • Quality Impovement Project


Applications and eligibility

Applicants must:

  • Have completed Level 1 & Level 2 training prior to attending this course.
  • They will be eligible to join a course that will complete at the earliest 2 years from the date of their CCT
  • Be on the GP register with a certificate of completion of training (CCT) or equivalent
  • Be working alongside the postgraduate doctor in training for at least 2 clinical sessions per week
  • Can demonstrate the principles of quality improvement activities and significant event analysis
  • Demonstrate that they meet all of the standards outlined in the trainer standards document
  • Be enthusiastic for general practice and for teaching. This will include the motivation to continue to develop their own skills as a trainer, by attending annual educational events and trainer groups.
  • Have worked (or will have worked) in the proposed training practice, in a substantive post, for at least 6 months before appointment
  • The current courses are running online and are FREE. We have provided free training for the current intending trainers as we try to meet the demands of the expansion in numbers of doctors in training. We work on the basis that a newly approved GP trainer equates to a new post in a practice, unless a trainer is leaving or there are other mitigating circumstances.


1. Ensure that the premises that you will be using have:

  • A consultating room for the postgraduate doctor big enough for the trainer to observe their consultations, internet access and consultation recording facilities
  • A room suitable to use for seminars


2. Ensure that the practice:

  • Has a satisfactory CQC outcome. Practices with areas marked as inadequate should inform the school, and share the improvement plan. This will be discussed at the School to decide individual plans
  • Provides general medical services, family planning (excluding IUCD) and immunisations to a minimum of 2000 patients
  • Is able to cope with its patient load effectively with or without postgraduate doctors in training
  • Has clinical governance procedures for the management of all QOF conditions, regular significant event analysis and regular clinical audits in areas other than QOF
  • Has regular practice meetings, which the postgraduate doctor is expected to attend
  • Can provide trainers with 2 sessions of allocated trainer time each week, one of which is notional, the other for training. At least one hour of preparation time should be timetabled and protected for educational supervision, teaching preparation and training duties
  • If your practice has been approved as a Spoke Training Practice, you will be required to complete a notes audit prior to postgraduate doctor in training allocation


Please apply to IntendingTrainers.NE@hee.nhs.uk using the application form - please note that each PCN is linked to a Training Programme. The applicant will automatically be linked to the relevant Training Programme as outlined in the attached list.

On completion participants will be approved as a Trainer with the GMC for a period of two years.

Trainers will be incorporated into our existing trainer support systems and invited to educational events including the Annual Educator's Conference.

Trainers will be required to join a trainer's workshop and attend on average 2 per year. Trainers are required to have an educational appraisal annually as per GMC guidance. As a local standard trainers are required to complete feedback on observed teaching prior to each reappointment.


Course fee

Please note, we have suspended the course fees for our Level 2 & 3 Training Courses in 2021 and 2022, therefore, the courses are free to attend.  Resubmission fees will still apply.

The taught course is free, but we do ask for a contribution towards the marking of the pre-course tasks and supervisory training which is £1675. The link for payment will be sent once your application form has been processed.

The fee includes an element for first and second marking of the course tasks, but any resubmissions will incur an additional charge for marking, which is outlined below:

  • Quality improvement resubmission fee: £50
  • Reflective account resubmission fee: £125

If the course is held face to face, catering will be provided. The course is voluntary and non-residential and therefore we would not refund any hotel or travel costs.


Upcoming courses:

We recognise that ideally face to face teaching would be preferred but to enable accessibility to the courses and to continue to offer them for free, the Trainer courses will continue to be delivered via video conferencing for the foreseeable future. 

Next course dates will be posted to this page as soon as they are available. 


Deadline for applications: 13th December 2021

Supervisory Training window: 4th March 2022 - 13th June 2022

Deadline for quality improvement activity: 2nd May 2022

Module dates (3 days): 14th, 15th, 16th June 2022 (all day)

Deadline for reflective account: 20th July 2022

Interview: October 2022

Appointment of postgraduate doctor in training: February 2023



Deadline for applications: 26th July 2021

Supervisory Training window: 10th September 2021 - 14th February 2022

Deadline for quality improvement activity: 6th Decemer 2021

Module dates (3 days): 15th, 16th, 17th February 2022 (all day)

Deadline for reflective account: 16th March 2022

Interview: May 2022

Appointment of postgraduate doctor in training: August 2022