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If you wish to train less than full time, you should indicate this on your application form on Oriel at the time you submit your application.

An application under the statutory right can be made by any employee who has worked for the same employer for at least 26 weeks to be eligible. An employee can only make one request in a 12 month period.

An employee should make their request by completing the application form and sending to the LET and discuss with their line manager and Training Programme Director. The application must be completed on Stage 1: Application form (Appendix C of the LET's Policy).

All requests for less than full time Training will be treated positively. However, the overall training capacity of a training programme and service commitment will have to be taken into consideration. We are able to accommodate slot-share arrangements where two trainees working in the same post a maximum of 60% each.

Please see the Lead Employer Trust's Policy on Less-than-full-time working.


The LET (Lead Employer Trust)

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